Training for job placement

Projects carried out and ongoing

  1. Collaboration with the Professional Training Centers (CFPs)

CFPs work with the help of the region: providing one/three years courses in order to teach a job to whose who dropped out of school, they issue attendance certificates or vocational qualifications.

Project: “You-We and the Work”

The course aims to transfer to young people, close to entry into the workplace, such as Operators in Thermo-hydraulic, Electric and Tourism sectors, Sales officers, Car Mechanics, Beauticians, Employees of Bar Salons and Kitchen, not just how to write a good CV and to better face a selection interview, but also to transfer them the importance of communication, behaviors and understanding of the rules and procedures adopted by individual Companies.

The 12-hour course is divided into several modules, distributed during six meetings, which deal with the following topics:

  • Changes in the world of work
  • Write a Curriculum Vitae
  • The video Curriculum Vitae
  • Present yourself and face a selection interview
  • Relations with leaders and colleagues, attitudes and behaviors
  • Corporate culture, procedures and expectations
  • Simulation of the selection interview

The teaching method is based on interactivity and involvement of the students; therefore, students are urged to discussion through films and analysis of case studies.

  1. Collaboration with Professional Training Centers (CFPs) for intellectual disabled

Project: “Learn to Work”

The 12-hour course, divided into six meetings, addresses a few topics: “Who I Am”, “The rules” and “The relationships”, and places the utmost attention on a basic language and methods that are easily understandable and addictive. These students, between the ages of 16 and 30, for their characteristics are unlikely to follow the lessons of a professorial type, need maximum interactivity and tend to learn the concepts when exposed and analyzed by methods that involve them emotionally.