Values, Mission, Principles

Senior Professional Volunteers

VSP association (Senior Professional Volunteers) believes in the values of work and volunteering as tools for social inclusion and personal growth.

The Mission of VSP association (Senior Professional Volunteers) is to offer the Expertise of its Professional Volunteers:

  • for Training in the skills required by the job’s world, intended for students of high schools and professional institutes, with particular attention to avoiding the risk of social exclusion;
  • for International Cooperation, to contribute to the growth of developing countries.

Our moral Principles:

  • Volunteering as an offer of one’s time and skills, non-profit and as a free choice, to make them available to society in general and to the weakest in particular;
  • Restitution of knowledge and experience, in the awareness of having received a lot in the course of one’s professional activity;
  • Accompaniment to grow and to go together, where training and cooperation are combined with human relationships.