GROWING together

Training Projects

Growing together means designing and implementing courses, models and training tools that ensure an effective transfer of skills between generations and facilitate the insertion of young people in current production contexts, at the same time enhancing the potential of senior managers as learning facilitators. Recipients are classes IV and V of high schools.

GOING together

Extracurricular Trainings

Going together proposes interventions aimed at combating early school leaving and the risk of social exclusion in order to facilitate integration into the world of work. It includes job orientation courses with particular attention to the enhancement of multiculturalism and multi-ethnicity. Recipients are Vocational Training Centers.

COOPERATE together

International Cooperation

Cooperate together has as its mission the contribution to the development process of depressed areas, both in Italy and abroad, through interventions that allow the transfer of techniques, technologies, experiences and knowledge, always respecting local cultures. The aim is human promotion, the quality of life, the defense of the environment, the dignity and freedom of people.


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Donate your Time

Thanks to its network of institutional partners, starting with CESES (European Confederation of Professional Experts) and other 18 associations in Italy including Sodalitas, our members have the opportunity to discuss and collaborate on projects and initiatives at the highest professional levels.
If you too want to donate your job expertise, making it available for those who really need it, send us your CV at We'll contact you.


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