GOING together

Training services addressed to current and very urgent issues: early school leaving, integration into the world of work, multicultural integration, social inclusion and equal opportunities. Reduce early school leaving, to reduce the risk of social exclusion. The proposal includes job orientation trainings, as well as a widespread understanding of multicultural and multi-ethnic values. Recipients are the Vocational Training Centers.

Learn the Job

Job placement training aimed at young people with intellectual disabilities who attend Vocational Training Centers to learn a profession compatible with their abilities. For these kids, accessing a job is important. For them too, work means dignity and autonomy. The 12-hour course pays the utmost attention to adequate learning times and applies teaching based on very simple and engaging methods and languages, so that students acquire the behaviors and attentions that the world of work requires.

Voi – Noi e il Lavoro

Work placement training aimed at young people who attend Vocational Training Centers. They are young people who by choice or due to previous school failures decide to speed up their placement in work by learning the basics of a profession. The 12-hour course, in addition to transmitting the way to write a good CV and to support a job interview, transfers the importance of communication, behavior, as well as an understanding of company rules and procedures.
The teaching method is based on interactivity and on the involvement of the students. To this end, students are encouraged to discuss through films and analysis of real cases.

Over The Rainbow

over the rainbow

Workshop to start-up a multicultural company. With this project VSP wants to bring together and dialogue young students and young migrants. The epochal movement of peoples in search of a new life, forces us to compare new and unknown problems. The most rational answer is "knowledge of the other". This is the path we propose, because “knowing” will be very important to approach a multi-ethnic and global future, with highly changed ways of living and working.