COOPERATE together

The mission is the contribution to the development process of depressed areas, both in Italy and abroad, through the work of an active volunteer. The VSP member offers his skills and his time, respectful of local cultures, aware of the social and economic impact of the project he has to manage. Its intervention allows the transfer of technologies, techniques, experiences and know-how, having as its purpose the promotion of people, the defense of the quality of life and the environment, the freedom and development of the most needy populations.
Missioni all'Estero

By involving active members, who offer their work in a personal, spontaneous and free way (law 266/1991), in the last thirty years of activity, VSP has offered training courses, assistance and organizational, technical, commercial, administrative consultancy, conferences, publications, study and creation of models and prototypes, and any other tool suitable for achieving the objectives for which the association is called to give its contribution. The United Nations, the European Community and other international bodies have made use of the professionalism of the VSP members, allowing the Association to pursue the mission indicated in the statute. All activities are carried out for short periods, avoiding conflicts with those who work daily on these issues, to earn a living.

Volontari per Missioni all'Estero

The areas of intervention of the missions involve various sectors: Agritourism and Hotel Business, Legislative Consultancy, Construction, Alternative Energy, Business Management and Organization, Chemical and Wood Industry, IT and WEB, Marketing (consumer products, textiles, tourism activities) , Textile and clothing production, Agricultural development (rice, vegetables, tropical fruit, coffee), Production technologies, Protection of the landscape and natural resources. If you too want to offer your work experience making it available for those who really need it and share the values of our Association, you can send your CV to be contacted.