GROWING together

Growing together is a set of services aimed at ensuring effective mechanisms for the transfer of skills between generations. The goal is to implement training courses, models and tools that, by enhancing the potential of senior managers, facilitate the integration of young people in current work contexts. Recipients of the courses are the IVs and Vs of the high schools. In the last 5 regular school years, about 10,000 students have attended our courses. The training interventions are structured in lectures, exercises and videos. The aim is to create a bridge between school training, mainly theoretical, and the dynamics of practical experience, preparing young people for an effective insertion into the world of work. In this process, orientation towards individual vocations is fundamental. The teachers come from the business world, where they have held managerial positions. They offer their work as volunteers: the interventions are free, although a flat rate reimbursement of expenses is welcome. At the end of the cycle, students will receive the documentation relating to the course attended, as well as a certificate of participation. The school will receive an evaluation report.
Giovani & impresa

giovani & impresa

Designed for young people who are about to complete their studies, Giovani & Impresa aims to build a bridge between school training, mainly theoretical, and the dynamics of practical experience, preparing young people for the world of work. The courses, through lectures, exercises and simulations, are aimed at developing students' self-awareness and attitudes to interpersonal interaction, communication and teamwork. The aim is to illustrate the characteristics of the current world of work and its cultures, to better guide individual choices. Finally, specific lessons are dedicated to job search and how to deal with the increasingly challenging selection paths.
Transversal skills and organizational behaviors

soft skills

The new forms of work, increasingly fluid organizations, the possibility of changing jobs many times in the course of life and the need to adapt to the continuous evolution of reality, require personal characteristics that go far beyond technical skills (hard skills ) provided by traditional training. It follows that the so-called soft skills are assuming increasing importance among people's skills. The course Le competenze trasversali e i comportamenti organizzativi, structured in lessons and exercises, defines and describes the main transversal skills, highlights the relationship with organizational behaviors and emphasizes their professional relevance. The course is completed by suggestions on the methods for a correct self-assessment and techniques for the development of deficient skills.

EU for YOU

EU for YOU, conceived in collaboration with Vol.To and Eurodesk Turin, guides students in identifying the opportunities offered by the EU and the paths to seize them through a better knowledge of both Europe and the value of European citizenship, and suggesting ideas on how organize your own travel, study, volunteering project in the EU but not only. The objectives of the educational path: to become aware of what is known about the European Union (EU), to deepen the reasons that led to its constitution, to discuss and reason about the principles on which the EU is based and the meaning of European identity . The lessons / laboratory are developed in 3 sessions of 3 hours each, which provide for a strong interaction between the six groups of students in which the class is divided and a coordination activity by the external VSP teacher in parallel with testimony interventions by part of Eurodesk, VSP and other partners, all always in the presence of the responsible internal teacher who supervises the correct performance of the tasks that are gradually given to the class. The project is completed with the development by the class of a self interview with the theme "What do we take home following the EU for YOU educational path?" and the preparation of an audio / video Podcast with which the class records the aforementioned self interview. The ultimate goal of the EU for YOU educational path is to leave students a contact, Eurodesk, to carry out their future individual study, volunteer and service projects in the European Union, projects ranging from the week (Erasmus+ projects or short volunteering) , per month or more. That is the links, e-mail addresses and names of the young volunteers who alternate from year to year at the Eurodesk desk at the Vol.To headquarters in Turin.


The goal of the Smart Working course is to raise awareness of the cultural change required today to better address the new ways of working: characteristics of individual work in different locations, main regulations, risks and opportunities, technological tools. The course is available in two versions:

Version V1.0 (complete), fully usable online individually: it takes about four hours of work (without further information)

Version V1.1 (reduced), suitable for both classroom presentation and self study: designed for learning in about two hours (without further study)

The course is suitable for a wide variety of uses, customizable for individuals, groups and organizations. The course is divided into four sections. Each section includes videos, quizzes, slides, additional references and tutorial tips.

Digital skills

competenze digitali

The target of the module are the digital skills, both horizontal, i.e. the basic notions that we all must have, and vertical ones, i.e. those generally required in the workplace. Digital skills are now the key to success in the world of work, as they are adopted and present in all the best organizations. It is therefore a question of developing awareness and curiosity, especially curiosity and the desire to learn, for this digital world, in which we are drowned 24 hours a day thanks to the continuous and repeated use of our smartphones.
The module is designed for different uses, both in its entirety and for individual portions of the material. Given the complexity of the topic and the considerable amount of ideas and references, it is recommended to customize the lessons by selecting some parts of the module, then leaving the rest available for any individual insights. The choice of the parts must naturally depend on the curricula and the didactic plan. The module consists of slides, spread over two presentations, the first which gives the thread, the second which contains some technical insights. The slides contain a large amount of references to videos on Youtube or references to websites or documents that present examples or offer clarifications and insights on the subject of the slide. Some exercises are available.