Erasmus+ EST – Summary to date of the project state

  Erasmus+ EST – Summary to date of the project state Here below a summary of the Erasmus+ EST project we are carring on. December 20th 2022 Erasmus+ EST project: background The project is coordinated by the OTECI (France) Association, with the participations of 5 other voluntary Associations, specifically: Ses (Germany), Onkentes (Hungary), Wolontariat (Poland), Seniores Lazio (Italy) and VSP (Italy). The objectives of
Il service learning

Service learning

Today we are talking about service learning, a term increasingly used nowdays also in the context of our association. This term is mainly used when we talk about Erasmus+ projects such as EST (European Seniors Together), LAB (Locally Across Boarders) and MAB (Mentoring Across Borders). But let’s see in detail what it is. What is

Venice – Ukraine: exclusive Business Forum at Ca’ Vendramin Palace

The Event Venice: on the 1st of March 2017, an exclusive business forum was held at the Ca’ Vendramin Palace. Its aim was to present tangible opportunities for Veneto businesses in the Ukraine. A most important occasion especially now that the Country’s accessed to the EU. It was also a good opportunity to make a
lutto mosca

In memory of Edmondo Schmidt, by our associate Paolo Mosca

Edmondo Schmidt Dear VSP associates, I would like to spend some time to talk about Edmondo Schmidt, from Freidberg, who sadly left us in December 2016. Edmondo and I met in 1996, as I was nearing retirement, when an old friend of mine and associate of ours, Gianni De Luca, suggested I get in touch