‘VSP With You’ Project

Our “VSP With You” project launched in 2013. The aim of this new line of activity was to offer the skills of VSP’s Volunteer Members to collaborate with Volunteer Organizations and Associations on the delicate issue of social discomfort. The recent economic/financial crisis has in fact brought to our territory certain problems that, up until a few years ago, were predominantly a characteristic of developing countries.

The activities were focused on three different lines of action:

  • Consultative and operational support:
    • Proposed to volunteer associations in crisis, following the drastic reduction in public funding, to collaborate in reorganizing and streamlining their services and operational processes;
  • Training for job placement:
    • Addressing Vocational Training Centers and Voluntary Associations that are the last barrier to school leakage;
    • To those who have intellectual disability, at different level, in order to develop skills such as self-esteem and self-confidence, key factors to live better the labour market;
  • Development of network projects 
    • To facilitate the process of integration of migrants through the design of interventions within the project “Alternating School Work”, aimed at encouraging the encounter and mutual knowledge between students of the last year high school and young people seeking international protection.