Using your experience to help others

VSP - Volontari Senior Professionali Onlus, is a volunteering Association founded in 1986, whose members are executives, professionals, university professors, technicians, etc. They choose to offer, free of charge, the professional know-how they acquired during their working life to communities who need help to grow and develop.

The main activity of VSP (its “core business”) is related to consultancy/mission, and addressed to small/medium-sized companies located in developing countries. This activity is sponsored by long-time partner National and International Organizations, such as: UNV (United Nations Volunteers) and CESES (Confederation of European Senior Expert Services).

Throughout over 30 years of activity, VSP has successfully completed more than 600 consulting projects in 60 countries around the world (including Italy itself), distinguishing itself not only for the professionalism of its operations, but also for the respect of dignity, freedom and culture of the local communities involved.

The contribution of our volunteers, in support of several projects, has come in various sectors, including:

  • Agricultural development (rice cultivation, vegetables, tropical fruit, coffee, ...)
  • Alternative energies
  • Computing and WEB,
  • Construction,
  • Corporate management / organization,
  • Farm Holidays and Hotel Activities
  • Legal advice,
  • Marketing (applied to: consumer goods, textiles, tourism,),
  • Production technologies,
  • Protection of landscape and natural resources,
  • Textile and clothing production,
  • Wood Industry

If you also want to capitalize on your work experience by making it available to those who really need it, and share the spirit of the Association, please contact us and become our member!

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