Our Mission

The mission of the Association is to contribute to the development process in deprived areas, both in Italy and abroad, through active volunteerism.

We will endeavour to always take the social and economic interests of the project into consideration and to respect the existing local cultures. We aim to enable the timely transfer of technologies, techniques, experiences and knowledge with the ultimate goal of promoting humanity, defending quality of life and the environment, dignity, human freedom and the development of the poorest sections of society.

To achieve those targets, we will expect active members who get sent on missions to work in a personal and spontaneous manner and not charge for their services, as defined by Italian Law 266/1991.

Examples of the work our members carry out include, but are not limited to, training courses, assistance and organizational consultations on technical, commercial and administrative matters, conferences, publications, studies for third parties and te study and realization of models and prototypes.

All activities will be carried out without competing with the labour market.