Giovani & Impresa – School Year 2017/18

Our training program, constantly evolving, is organized for the upcoming 2017/18 school year, in four specific courses for the fourth and the fifth class of technical schools and high schools and in study days for undergraduates.

In summary:

Course A

12 hours for IV classes, aimed at raising in the students awareness of the skills most required in the workplace, on some techniques that are particularly useful in working life (negotiation, communication, motivation, group work, etc.) and on curriculum vitae.

Course B

12 hours for V classes, aiming to sum up the importance of transversal skills, to deepen some aspects of the work world (analysis and problem solving, business organization, work relationship, self-employment, etc.) to resume the dialog on the curriculum and addressing the issues of the job interview by means of an individual simulation of it.

Course C

12 hours for V classes, with a more innovative approach than the previous one, deals, in addition to essential insights on the curriculum vitae and job interview (including simulation of it), with topics such as project management, interviewing a manager (witness) and group selection.

Course D

18 hours for V classes, the most comprehensive and exhaustive course, essentially a reasoned compendium of courses B and C.

Monothematic Days

At the completion of the above-mentioned structured courses, we offer to the interested schools the opportunity to take advantage of some monothematic days on specific topics, generally insufficient in school programs such as business organization, management control, marketing, purchasing management, etc. Similarly, at university level, we have developed a day of insights and reflections on the topics of work for young licentiates and graduates.

The program, whose educational value has been recognized by the Ministry of Education University and Research, is offered free of charge to the schools that will require it, by contacting VSP Association at the email address:

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