Testimony of the Vocational Training Center

Article published on the website of ENAIP (February 26, 2016)


For students, the time of the internship is the real test ground of the training course: it is about serious gambling, with all the doubts and insecurities that a work experience inevitably produces.

To face this moment with more awareness, since two years, some experienced volunteers in the world of work were coming to aid ENAIP of Grugliasco: Fulvio Valerio, Teodoro Valerio, Vittorio Musso, Marco Briscese, Carlo Filippa, Beppe Fontana, Massimo Blotto, Piero Nilo e Ada Pasero. They are managers, professionals, technicians, university teachers who, after a life spent in the world of work, want to put this valuable personal asset, free of charge, for the development of others.

The association VSP Volontari Senior Professionali Onlus (www.vsponlus.org), to which they belong, contacted by the trainer and coordinator for the services at work Serenella Zappata, has designed specifically for the students of Grugliasco, in collaboration with ENAIP, a course of six lessons of two hours each called “YOU-WE AND THE WORK” to approach the world of work.

The course to approach the world of work, addresses issues such as changes, relationships with leaders and colleagues, solidarity and group, corporate culture, security, and simulation of the job interview, through which students will face the test foreseen shortly, with more serenity, having received feedback on attitudes and positive behaviors and improvements.

In the 3A and 2B (hydraulic), 2E (electrician) and 2T (tourism operators) courses compulsory of  education and in the labor market courses “FAL – Workplace Training” with address in “Bar Room helper”, “Handy warehouseman helper” and “Large distribution helper”, students have already received the attendance certificate, while is going to start also the course of “International Trade Technician”. Listening and dealing with former executives, professionals and teachers makes us understanding that on issues of orientation at work we never end up learning.