Bielorussia – Professional in application of information technology for tourism. Missione conclusa con successo!

La UE, nell'ambito del programma M4EG, cerca un esperto nel settore turismo con competenze IT, strumenti e piattaforme tecnologiche.

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Description of the Requirements CESES is aiming to work with DG NEAR funded program called Mayors for Economic Growth. See website:


Details on expertise The Polotsk district searches practical and professional advice and guidance from a European partner who has experience in the field of information technologies application for tourism.

In this regard, we expect that during the planned personnel exchange mission, the invited partner will make the following contributions:

– provision of proposals and recommendations related to the creation and
operation of the tourism business cluster;

– provision of proposals and recommendations to potential domestic and foreign investors;

– participation in the discussion <Points of Growth of the Economic Development of the Polotsk District> and wrap up meeting.

NOTE: Other LEDOs from Vitebsk will be invited to participate in the event.

Type of Client Public Sector
Sector IT
Project Details The beneficiary (Polotsk District Executive committee) will provide an escort
(Head of Economy department Kornacheva Alesia) and transport for mobility during stay in the Polotsk district. The necessary meetings with existing and potential stakeholders will also be organized (for example, visiting the Business Support Centers, discussing issues of public-private dialog and cooperation).Per diem, flight ticket covered by the Program (M4EG)
Expected Project Start Date 23/09/2019
Duration (weeks) 2
Project Location Polotsk, Belarus
Additional Information See enclosed request from the Municipality of Polotsk.
Additional Documents 1_-_0001_Polotsk.pdf